Monday, August 12, 2019

Malaysia plans to upgrade, consolidate K200 and ACV-15 armored vehicles starting 2021

An ACV-15 Adnan command vehicle during a parade in Malaysia. Photo c/o Malaysia Defence.

The Malaysian Army (MA) plans to upgrade its fleet of M113-based tracked armored vehicles, namely the Korean-made Doosan (now Hanwha) K200 mechanized infantry fighting vehicle (MIFV) and the Turkish-made FNSS ACV-15 (locally known in Malaysia as the Adnan)  armored infantry fighting vehicle (AIFV) as part of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan starting 2021.

According to Malaysian defense page Malaysia Defence, the program was intended to standardize the two different variants of armored vehicles that actually have a common basic design. This would improve the logistical footprint, and lower operational costs.

Both the K200 and the ACV-15 Adnan will require life extension programmes as they are expected to be operated by the MA until 2035. 

Different companies are expected to provide their solutions, although it is expected that local defense contractor DefTech Malaysia could be involved in conducting the upgrade works. 

[1] Malaysia Defence

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