Thursday, August 29, 2019

Singapore retires three Fearless-class patrol vessels

The RSS Dauntless (99). Photo c/o MINDEF Singapore.

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) retired three Fearless-class patrol vessels during ceremonies on Tuas Naval Base on 27 August 2019. 

The ships, RSS Fearless (94), RSS Brave (95), and RSS Dauntless (99) are all with the RSN’s 182nd Squadron, and will be replaced by the new Independence-class littoral missions vessels (LMV) which are more capable and larger platforms and will be in full service by 2020.

RSS Fearless and RSS Brave were both commissioned in October 1996, while RSS Dauntless entered service with the RSN on May 1997. The Fearless-class were built by Singapore Technologies Engineering, and were designed for littoral patrols, maritime law enforcement and anti-submarine warfare (ASW). 

With the retirement of these ships, the RSN only has 2 more Fearless-class patrol vessels left, the RSS Gallant (97) and RSS Freedom (86). No date has been made public yet on the retirement of these remaining ships of the class.

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