Monday, December 2, 2019

Malaysia plans to lease helicopters to temporarily replaced grounded Nuris

A Malaysian S-61 Nuri. Photo c/o Malaysia Gazette website.

The Malaysian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is looking at the possibility of leasing helicopters to temporarily replace the Sikorsky S-61 Nuri of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and the Malaysian Army (MA).

The Nuri helicopters of both services are grounded after one of the helicopters made an emergency landing near the Malaysian-Thai border after a technical problem.

Malaysian Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu made a statement with the Malaysian Parliament confirming their program to lease helicopters as a stop-gap measure while the ministry is still in the process of selecting and acquiring a new helicopter to eventually replace the S-61 Nuri.

RMAF Chief General Affendi Buang confirmed to Jane’s that a tender will be conducted, with the service looking at leasing eight (8) helicopters, although was unsure how many units the MA is looking at leasing.

According to Jane’s, the RMAF operates around 12 Nuri helicopters, while the MA has around 4 operational units, with more in storage.

[1] Jane’s Defence Weekly

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