Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Indonesia commissions two new German-made Pulau Fani-class mine countermeasures vessels


The KRI Pulau Fani. Photo c/o TNI-AL.

The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) has inaugurated and commissioned two new mine countermeasures vessels that were made and recently-delivered from Germany.

The ships are KRI Pulau Fani (731) and KRI Pulau Fanildo (732) were inaugurated on 14 August 2023 during ceremonies held at the Madura Pier of the Indonesian Navy’s base in Surabaya, with Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and Indonesian Navy Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali leading the event.

The event also confirmed the assignment of Lt. Col. (P) Murfianto Machfud and Lt. Col (P) Slamet Ariyadi as the commanding officers of KRI Pulau Fani and KRI Pulau Fanilodo, respectively.

Both ships will be assigned with the TNI-AL’s Fleet Command II (KOARMADA II) based in Surabaya, which covers the naval operations in the country’s central area. They will replace two previous mine hunting vessels, the KRI Pulau Rengat (711) and KRI Pulal Rupat (712).

The Pulau Fani-class mine countermeasures vessels were built by German shipbuilder Abeking & Rasmussen, and are based on the shipbuilder’s MHV-60 design, which in turn was derived from the Frankenthal-class mine hunting vessels used by the German Navy.

Both ships were ordered under a US$204 million contract on January 2019, and are equipped with the Synapsis NX navigation and bridge system, an integrated SYNTACS command and control system, as well as modern mine-hunting sonar and unmanned vehicles.

The ships are propelled by a MAN hybrid propulsion package system combining two MAN 12V175D-MM diesel engines with an AKA hybrid PTI system for silent operations while conducting manhunting operations.

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