Friday, August 4, 2023

Singapore formally accepts its first new Invincible-class attack submarine


The Invincible-class (Type 218SG) submarine Impeccable approaching RSS Singapura Changi Naval Base. Photo c/o Singapore MINDEF.

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) formally received its first of four Invincible-class (Type 218SG) diesel-electric attack submarine last 20 July 2023.

The submarine, named Impeccable, was received in a homecoming ceremony held at the RSN’s RSS Singapura – Changi Naval Base after arriving from Germany aboard a chartered cargo vessel. The RSN’s Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Sean Wat and other senior RSN officers and submariners were present during the ceremony.

The Impeccable was launched by German shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in its shipyard in Kiel, Germany on 13 December 2022. 

The Invincible class were built using the Type 218SG platform that was custom designed and built for Singapore to meet its requirements of operating in shallow and busy tropical waters while attaining high level of automation, have significant payload capacity, improved underwater endurance, and ergonomics optimised for Asian physique. 

The Impeccable is yet to be commissioned, and will first undergo a series of localised sea trials and testing as well as training of its crew, before achieving full operationalisation.

While the Impeccable was the first of the class to be delivered in Singapore, the lead ship Invincible remains in Germany to support the training of RSN submariners that will be assigned with the ships of the class.

Two other sisterships are under construction and are in different stages of work.

[1] Singapore Ministry of Defence


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