Indonesia receives new medium tanks, armored and tactical vehicles


Some of the 10 Harimau medium tanks prior to handover to the TNI-AD. Photo c/o PT Pindad.

The Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) received 52 new tactical vehicles manufactured by Indonesian defense company PT Pindad.

The vehicles were handed over by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MoD) to the Indonesian Army on 28 February 2024, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto witnessing the event at the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Headquarters in Jakarta.

Among those handed over to the Indonesian Army are 10 Harimau medium tanks, 3 Badak 6x6 fire support vehicles, 10 Pandur 8x8 infantry fighting vehicles, 12 Anoa 6x6 armored personnel carriers, 7 Komodo armored light tactical vehicles, and 10 Maung 4x4 utility vehicles.

These vehicles were all developed locally, mostly with international support, as part of Indonesia’s drive to have a self-sufficient defense industry.

The Harimau (Tiger) medium tank was developed with Turkey’s FNSS and is armed with a 105mm tank gun. The Pandur 8x8 wheeled IFV is a license copy of the Pandur 8x8 from Czech defense company Excalibur Army.

The Anoa 6x6 armored vehicle is said to be developed with assistance from France’s Renault based on the  Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé (VAB), while the Komodo was also developed with French assistance and is based on the Renault Sherpa light tactical vehicle.

The Badak 6x6 iwas also derived from the Anoa but with changes to allow mounting a 90mm gun turret, while the Maung is a  locally-developed 4x4 utility vehicle based on PT Pindad’s experience in military vehicle development, and using civilian off-the-shelf parts from either Toyota or Isuzu.

PT Pindad has been marketing these vehicles also for export, with the Harimau light tank competing in the Philippines for their light tank requirement, and has received interest from Bangladesh as well.

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