Philippines tendering for tank-based armored vehicle launched bridges

The Hyundai Rotem K1 AVLB. Photo c/o Hoochoo & Sultang blog page.

The Philippines’ Department of National Defense (DND) has started the tender for the acquisition of Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridges (AVLBs) for the Philippine Army (PA).

These are part of a larger Combat Engineering Equipment project which will provide the PA with support equipment for combat engineering use.

If delivered, this would be the first time the PA will have such asset. The PA only has standard construction and roadworks equipment as part of its Engineering units.

It was specified that the platform vehicle would be based on a tracked tank chassis, and the bridge itself would have a span of 18 meters and a load capacity based on NATO STANAG Military Load Classification MLC 50.

According to Philippine defense page MaxDefense Philippines, these acquisitions were part of the lessons learned by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) during its military operation against ISIS-inspired terrorists during the Battle of Marawi in 2017. The PA realized the importance of combat engineering to support military operations, especially when bridges were under enemy control or within the range of enemy fire.

MaxDefense Philippines also pointed that the acquisition of tank-based AVLBs could be a sign of the PA's preparation to acquire main battle tanks in the near future.

If all goes well, the tender submissions by interested proponents would be opened on 13 November 2019, with deliveries expected to start within one (1) year after the Notice to Proceed (NTP) is released.

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