Vietnam develops new STV-410 7.62x39mm assault rifle

The STV-410 rifle. Photo c/o The Firearms Blog.

Vietnam has developed a new assault rifle called the STV-410, made by Factory Z111 and physically resembles a Russian Kalashnikov AK-103/AK-105 assault rifle and the Israeli IWI Galil ACE assault rifle.

According to Vietnamese defense page VietDefense, the new weapon has a barrel length of 410mm and fires the 7.62x39mm round commonly used by Russian weapons and by the Vietnamese military.

Based on the observations made by firearms website The Firearms Blog, it appears that the new rifle uses a modified IWI Galil ACE milled receiver without dust cover, and the charging handle on the left side, while also having an ambidextrous safety selector or magazine well. This might have come from Factory Z111’s experience in license production of the IWI Galil ACE for the Vietnamese military.

The STV-410 also has picatinny rails to allow the installation of optics, night vision and thermal sights, and other accessories to improve its performance.

VietDefense mentioned that it remains to be seen if the rifle will be mass produced for the Vietnamese military since it has already standardized the use of the Galil ACE, wherein the locally-made variant is called the STV-380.

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