Indonesian Navy chief rejects request to reactivate retired ships

The Teluk Semangka-class landing ship tank KRI Teluk Mandar (514) of the Indonesian Navy. Photo c/o

The chief of the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) has rejected requests made by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MOD) to reactive retired ships, and extend service of ships that are planned for retirement soon.

TNI-AL Chief, Adm. Yudo Margono, wrote to the Indonesian MOD replying on the request, and explained why the request to reactive retired ships and move retirement plans for existing ships is not possible. 

According to British defense media Jane's, the TNI-AL ships lined up for retirement soon are the following: the Teluk Semangka-class landing ship tanks KRI Teluk Penyu (513), KRI Teluk Mandar (514), KRI Teluk Samplit (515) purchased from South Korea in 1981, the Sorong-class oil tanker KRI Sorong (911), and the Kadet-class training ship KAL Kadet-1.

Ships that were already retired but were requested to be reactivated are the Kapitan Patimura-class (Parchim I) corvette Pati Unus (384), the Teluk Semangka-class landing ship tank Teluk Penyu (513), the troop transport ship Teluk Nusanive (973), the Pulau Rote-class mine countermeasures vessel Pulau Rote (721), the Kupang-class landing craft Nusa Utara (584), and the coastal tanker Balikpapan (901).

The TNI-AL has been actively commissioning new ships in the past few years, as the fleet modernize its forces while providing more contracts to local companies.

While no reason was provided on the MOD's request to reactivte retired ships, it is believed that increased threat to its maritime borders from China, delays in the TNI-AL's modernization, and funding concerns in the next few years due to the economic downturn brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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