Philippine Hermes 900 UAV crashed while attempting to land

One of the PAF's Hermes 900 UAV. Photo c/o PAF.

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) confirmed that one of its Hermes 900 medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV) has crashed while attempting to land on 28 May 2022.

The UAV was proceeding to land at the PAF’s Lumbia Air Base in Cagayan de Oro City after completing functional check flight.

It was already starting decent when communications with the UAV was cut-off, and crashed in a vegetated area around 1.5 miles east of the air base.

According to the PAF, despite the considerable damage the UAV received, it was still recoverable and investigations will be made to determine the cause of the crash.

No casualties and damage to property on the ground were reported, and field service representatives from its manufacturer Elbit Systems has been called to assist in investigation and troubleshooting.

The PAF operates 3 Hermes 900 unmanned aerial systems (UAS), each with 3 Hermes 900 UAVs. They are operated by the 300th Air Intelligence and Security Wing, together with other UAVs including the Hermes 450 and ScanEagle 2.

 The Hermes 900 has an endurance of over 30 hours, and a maximum operating altitude of 30,000 feet, and can be loaded with sensors and surveillance equipment to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and communications relay.

Previous reports also confirmed that PAF Hermes 900 UAVs are capable of carrying a maritime search and rescue package to assist in providing advanced assistance prior to arrival of rescue.

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