Philippines select Hyundai Heavy Industries to build 6 new offshore patrol vessels


The HDP-150 Neo OPV design from HHI. Photo c/o HHI.

The Philippine Navy (PN) has recommended the awarding of a contract to build 6 new Offshore Patrol Vessels to South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), beating several offers from Turkish, Japanese, Indian, and other Asian and European shipbuilders.

This was announced on 05 May 2022 by Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana during interview by local press about the status of the Philippine Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel Acquisition Project.

Sec. Lorenzana said that the PN’s Technical Working Group (TWG) for the project has selected HHI’s offer to take advantage of having a common system with its current and future major warships, and ease of maintenance and repair.

He also said that the Department of National Defense (DND) would try to have a contract signed with HHI by June 2022, before the current administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ends.

HHI built the PN’s 2 existing Jose Rizal-class frigates, currently its most capable warships, and is also building 2 new corvettes that are scheduled for delivery starting 2024.

HHI also has an recently-signed agreement with the Philippine Navy to provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) servicing for the Jose Rizal-class frigates.

The PN is expected to have the same MRO agreement to cover its new corvettes, and may take advantage of its decision to have HHI build the 6 new OPVs and have them covered with the same MRO agreement.

According to Philippine defense page MaxDefense Philippines, the South Korean shipbuilder offered their HDP-1500 NEO OPV design, which was displayed during the ADAS 2022 defense exhibition held in April 2022 in Manila.

The HDP-1500 NEO in its current form is 81 meters long, 13.1 meters wide, and has a displacement of around 1,700 tons. 

It would be powered by two marine diesel engines allowing a maximum speed of 21 knots, and a  maximum range of 5,500 nautical miles at cruising speed.

The ships are expected to be armed with a 76mm naval gun, two 30mm autocannons in remote controlled weapon stations (RCWS), and at least four 12.7mm heavy machine guns. It will also have allowance for potential installation of two twin anti-ship missile launchers, two triple torpedo launchers, and a short range air defense system.

The PN’s Offshore Patrol Vessel Acquisition Project was originally planned to be awarded to Australian shipbuilder Austal, which offered a design based on the Evolved Cape-class patrol boats, and were planned to be built in Austal’s shipyard in Cebu, Philippines.

But delays on the project has not allowed Austal to keep its original offer, and the Philippine Government has not compromised to allow the cost increases due to inability to release more funds at a very short notice.

This pushed to the DND and PN to reopen negotiations with other shipbuilders, with HHI and Turkey’s ASFAT believed to have been shortlisted.

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