Indonesia to receive large patrol vessel from Japan as part of aid


The Kunigami-class patrol vessel of the JCG, used as basis for new patrol vessels built for the Philippines. Photo c/o Wikipedia.

The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (BAKAMLA) is scheduled to receive a large patrol vessel from Japan as part of a grant aid to improve Indonesia capacity for maritime law enforcement and maritime safety.

As part of the ASEAN-Japan 50th Commemorative Summit held in Tokyo, Japan, the Foreign Affairs ministries of both countries held an Exchange of Notes ceremony with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and Indonesian President Joko Widodo witnessing the event.

As part of the agreement, Japan would provide a large patrol vessel worth JPY9.053 billion (US$63 million) to help the BAKAMLA to respond to maritime safety and security situation in its Exclusive Economic Zone as well as along important sea line of communication.

The new ship will be built by a Japanese shipyard, although no detail has been provided as to what ship design would be used, which shipbuilder will construct the ship and what timelines are expected for the project to start and the ship to be delivered.

Japan sees Indonesia as an important partner in maintaining security in important sea lanes including the Malacca-Singapore Strait, and sees the need for the BAKAMLA to improve its capabilities.

Japan acknowledged that the BAKAMLA is in need of more assets and facilities for it to have the capacity to carry out its mission in the interest of not just Indonesia but also other countries whose trade passes through Indonesia’s EEZ.

[1] Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

[2] Reuters

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