Australia selects Hanwha K9 Thunder for 155mm SPH requirement

The K9 SPH and K10 AARV. Photo c/o Asian Military Review.

The Australian Department of Defence (DOD) announced on 3 September 2020, that they have selected the offer from Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA) to supply 155mm self-propelled howitzers and armored ammunition resupply vehicles under its LAND 8116 Phase 1 Protected Mobility Fires Project.

HDA will build and supply 30 modified versions of the K9 Thunder 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers, and 15 K10 armored ammunition resupply vehicles, as well as other support systems and equipment, which will all be built locally in Geelong, Victoria. 

Maintenance works will also be done in the same facility throughout its life cycle, allowing the creation of 350 new jobs.

The Australian DOD has allocated up to A$1.3 billion (US$940 million) for the project, and is planning for a second batch of artillery systems under the LAND 8116 Phase 2 project later in the decade.

These vehicles, which would be redesignated in Australian Army service, with the K9 becoming the AS9 Huntsman 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer (SPH) and the K10 becoming the AS10 Huntsman armoured ammunition resupply vehicle (AARV). These vehicles would be paired to the Kongsberg ODIN Fire Control System.

The AS9 Huntsman 155mm SPH will weigh around 50 tons, and is armed with a 155mm/52 caliber howitzer with future-proof design to allow upcoming and future 155mm ammunition systems. It has a capacity of 42 rounds and modular charge systems.

The AS10 Huntsman AARV uses the same chassis as the AS9 SPH, and can hold up to 104 round of 155mm ammunition and charge systems. It can directly resupply the AS9 SPH through a highly computerized system.

Both the AS9 and AS10 vehicles would receive enhanced armor protection compared to the base K9 and K10 vehicles.

The Kongsberg ODIN fire control system, will be providing target and firing solution information to the Huntsman Artillery System's C4 hub called the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS).

The K9 Thunder family of self-propelled artillery system is one of the most successful in the world, with over 1,300 vehicles in service with the Republic of Korea Army, and other major export markets including India, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Turkey and Poland adding more than 600 vehicles.

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