Japan offers to export warships to Indonesia


The 30DX frigate from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The Japanese government is looking at potentially exporting destroyers and other warships to Indonesia, with negotiations already underway.

If this pushes through, it would become Japan’s largest defense equipment export, and help realize its initiatives to keep the Indo-Pacific region free and open.

This would also help increase Indonesia’s naval capabilities as it faces China’s expansion into the South China Sea, and into Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone in the Natuna Islands.

The export of warships to Indonesia also sends a message to China of Japan’s intentions to bring stability in the region by improving the defense capabilities of China’s smaller neighbours. 

According to reports, Japan offered the 30FFM frigate from Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, with four to be constructed in Japan, and another four to be constructed in Indonesia through technology transfers. This is expected to be worth around JY300 billion (US$2.9 billion). 

Currently Japan’s defense equipment transfer policies are based on principles, which may affect the export of warships due to their capabilities to attack other ships. But there are ways to still allow this, including joint warship development with foreign countries like Indonesia.

Indonesia is currently looking at expanding the capabilities of its navy, with the Defense Ministry looking at potential acquisition of submarines and corvettes from France, destroyers from Denmark, and frigates from the Netherlands.

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