Philippines receives new ScanEagle 2 surveillance UAVs from US

ScanEagle 2 UAVs during handover to the Philippine Navy by the US government  photo c/o Philippine Navy.

The Philippine Navy (PN) formally received eight (8) new Insitu ScanEagle 2 tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) provided by the United States government, during ceremonies held in Cavite Naval Base, south of Manila on 25 November 2020.

The UAVs were donated by the US as part of its Indo-Pacific Maritime Security Initiative Program aimed at improving the maritime capabilities of select countries through US government assistance.

The new UAVs were then handed over to the PN Naval Air Wing’s 71st Maritime Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron, which will use the new assets for maritime surveillance, with emphasis on disputed areas like the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone in the South China Sea, and in shared borders with Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The 8 ScanEagle 2 UAVs were valued at around US$14.79 million, which the US government says is part of their commitment to support the Philippine military’s modernization goals, and urgent maritime security, counter terrorism, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief requirements.

The PN’s new UAVs will complement ScanEagle 2 UAVs of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), which were also provided by the US government, in monitoring disputed areas that needs consistent attention, according to Armed Forces of the Philippines Deputy Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Erick Kagaoan.

US Embassy in the Philippines
[2] Philippine Navy

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