Myanmar building its fourth indigenous frigate


Myanmar Navy officers looking at the hull of frigate under construction. Photo c/o MWD Variety channel.

The Myanmar Navy was reported to be constructing a new frigate in its naval shipyard at Thanlyin.

The new frigate, temporary designated as the 135M, was designed and being built indigenously with technical assistance from China and North Korea.

The frigate design appears to be a new class, larger than its existing Kyan Sittha-class frigates, but will have improvements including a more stealthier external design and improved weapon systems.

The frigate is said to have a length of at least 135 meters, and a displacement of over 4,000 tons. In comparison, the Kyan Sittha-class which was also designed and built locally, is around 108 meters long and displaces at 3,000 tons.

The size is closer to the Type 054A frigate used by the People’s Liberation Army Navy. 

The frigate will also have a 16-cell vertical launching system (VLS) for anti-aircraft warfare and is expected to be equipped with Chinese-made surface-to-air missile systems.

The Myanmar Navy announced plans to build two or three new frigates as part of its modernization plan in 2017. 

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