Taiwan launches first new indigenous landing platform dock

Taiwan's new LPD. Photo c/o Naval News.

Taiwanese naval shipbuilder China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSBC) launched the country’s first indigenously designed and built Landing Platform Dock (LPD).

The launching ceremonies held on 13 April 2021. And was attended by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, which called the event another milestone for the country’s shipbuilding programme. 

The ship, named Yu Shan (1401) after Taiwan’s tallest mountain, had its keel laying ceremony only last June 2020.

The new LPD is 153 meters long, has an overall beam of 23 meters, a hull draught of 6 meters, and a full load displacement of 10,600 tons. It is estimated to cost around NT$4.6 billion (US$162 million).

The ship is expected to be delivered to the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) by April 2022, and will be used for amphibious operations and would also serve as a mobile hospital and platform for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR).

It would be able to carry amphibious assault vehicles, landing crafts, assorted vehicles and up to 673 fully equipped soldiers.

It would be armed with a 76mm naval gun, two Phalanx 20mm close-in weapon systems (CIWS), and two 8-cell launchers for TC-2N surface-to-air missiles.

The ROCN plans to acquire up to four LPDs to replace its ageing fleet of amphibious assault vessels consisting of two Newport-class landing ship tanks and an Anchorage-class landing ship dock.

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