Philippines acquires utility military trucks from Chinese, Russian manufacturers


The Dongfeng EQ1093 medium troop carrier truck. Photo c/o Dongfeng Motors.

The Philippine Army (PA) has ordered and received 70 trucks from Chinese manufacturers to meet its demand for more motorized assets.

The 70 trucks, divided into three types including 49 Light Troop Carriers, 18 Medium Troop Carriers and 3 Field Ambulances, were bought through a public bidding process conducted by the PA in late 2020.

The PA confirmed that the trucks were delivered to them on July 2021, composed on 49 Beijing Auto Works BJ2022 light trucks, 18 Dongfeng EQ2098 medium trucks, and 3 Sinotruk Howo light duty trucks,

These trucks will undergo technical inspections to see if it met the technical specifications and requirements of the PA.

The Chinese trucks were supplied by a local company, Jinyi Import and Export Trading Co. Inc., which competed with local companies supplying trucks from Russia and South Korea.

The Philippine Army is traditionally buying its trucks from South Korea's Kia Motors through Government-to-Government (G2G) transactions. 

Philippine defense page MaxDefense Philippines mentioned in one of its reports that EURO-4 emissions compliance became an issue with Kia's military trucks.

In a separate but related news, the Philippine Army also awarded a separate contract to another local company to supply light troop carrier trucks from Russia.

The winning company, ConEquip Philippines, is the local supplier of GAZ and Ural trucks. They previously supplied trucks from both brands to the Philippine National Police's elite Special Action Force unit.

According to MaxDefense Philippines, 90 trucks, believed to be GAZ's Sadko NEXT light trucks, will be delivered to the Philippine Army before yearend.

In terms of size and capacity, the GAZ Sadko NEXT will be slotted between the Philippine Army's existing fleet of Kia KM450 4x4 light trucks and KM250 6x6 medium trucks.

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  2. The addition of 70 trucks to the Philippine Army's fleet is a significant step towards strengthening their capabilities. I'm curious if this move might also spur some growth in the local trucking services industry in the Philippines. With more military vehicles in operation, there could be an increased need for specialized transportation and maintenance services. It's a great example of how defense investments can have ripple effects in other sectors.