Singapore acquires Orbiter 4 small surveillance UAV


The Orbiter 4 UAV. Photo c/o Aeronautics Group.

The Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) confirmed on 02 March 2022 that it has acquired the Orbiter 4 Close-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (CR-UAV).

The new assets were acquired for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), which will be utilized to improve ground situational awareness for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and other security forces.

The announcement did not include information on number of UAVs acquired, or the value of the deal.

The Orbiter 4 CR-UAV are manufactured by Israel’s Aeronautics Group, an can be employed independently or in collaboration with other UAVs of the SAF’s for surveillance operations from different altitudes.

The Orbiter 4 can be used in different operating environment, including in urban or confined areas in support of security operations as well as peacetime requirements.

The CR-UAV does not require runways and can be launched from catapult system, and recovered using a net, allowing for operations from ships or unprepared areas.

2 payloads of up to 12 kilograms in total can be carried, and may vary include a stabilised day and night infrared with laser designation, HDLite for photogrammetric mapping, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Light Detection and Ranging Scanner (LIDAR), and Maritime Patrol Radar (MPR).

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