Philippine assault boats upgraded with Spike-ER missiles, RCWS

The upgraded MPAC boats during PN's 124th founding anniversary. Photo c/o Philippine Navy.


The Philippine Navy (PN) displayed three of its newly upgraded assault boats, which are now armed with Spike-ER missiles and a new remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS).

Three of its Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC) Mk. 3, which were designed to accommodate the Typhoon MLS-ER missile launcher and Mini Typhoon RCWS from Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., were showcased during the Philippine Navy’s 124th founding anniversary on 20 May 2022.

The boats, with hull numbers BA-492, BA-493 and BA-494,  received their new weapon systems more than two years after they were inducted to service.

This brings the total number of missile-armed MPACs in Philippine Navy service to 6, serving with the Philippine Navy’s 3rd and 4th Boat Attack Divisions.

The MPAC Mk.3 were built for the Philippine Navy by Taiwanese shipbuilder Lung Teh Shipbuilding in cooperation with Filipino naval contractor Propmech Corporation, and is a modified interdiction version of earlier MPAC designs that were originally designed as troop-carrying fast assault crafts.

The weapon systems upgrade were done under the MPAC Combat Systems and Capability Upgrade of the Philippine Navy, which was contracted to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd and involves the supply of the Spike-ER missiles, Typhoon MLS-ER missile launcher, Mini Typhoon RCWS, and other related equipment and services.

A separate contract was also awarded to Propmech Corporation to install the weapon systems, including installation of additional hull and superstructure armoring.

Philippine Navy 
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