Elbit Systems displays Sabrah Light Tank System for Philippines

The Sabrah light tank system on ASCOD 2 platform. Photo c/o Army Recognition through MaxDefense Philippines.

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems has unveiled its Sabrah light tank system at the Eurosatory 2022 defense exhibition in Paris, France.

The Sabrah light tank system is scheduled for delivery to the Philippine Army, which is the launch customer for the new system to fulfill its requirements for a mixed fleet of tracked and wheeled light tanks.

The Sabrah turret design was said to benefit from experience of Elbit Systems and Israeli Army’s Merkava Directorate Tank Program Administration (MANTAK) in developing combat-proven vehicles.

The Sabrah turret, which can be configured for manned or unmanned operation, can also be configured to use either a 105mm or 120mm NATO-compatible tank gun, and also features an automatic loader, and other products from Elbit Systems including the Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight (COAPS) gunner sight, a panoramic day/night stabilised sights, the Iron Vision helmet-mounted display, a fire control system, the Torch-X command and control system, and the Iron Fist active protection system.

The display features the Sabrah turret mounted on a General Dynamics European Land Systems (GLDELS) ASCOD 2 / Pizarro 2 platform, and is believed to be how the Philippine Army tracked light tank may look.

The Philippine Army light tank project will also have the Sabrah light tank system installed on the Excalibur Army Pandur 2 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle.

The Philippines Department of National Defense (DND) signed a US$172.2 million contract with Elbit Systems to deliver 30 vehicles consisting of 28 tracked and wheeled light tanks, a command vehicle and a recovery vehicle to fulfill its Light Tank requirements.

Philippine Defense Resource also reported that Elbit Systems will also deliver 2 wheeled armored vehicles,105mm tank ammunition rounds, 3 tank transporters and 5 sniper detection systems.

The first batch of tanks are expected to be delivered to the Philippine Army by late 2022.

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