Indonesia starts construction of new Presidential ship

First steel cutting is shown during the ceremonies on 09 June 2022. Photo c/o TV One News.

Indonesian shipbuilder PT Karimun Anugerah Sejati (KAS) has started the construction of a new Presidential Ship for the Indonesian Government.

The First Steel Cutting and Keel Laying Ceremony was held on the shipbuilder’s facility in Tanjunguncang on 09 June 2022, with Indonesian Navy Logistics Assistant to the Chief of Naval Staff Read Admiral Puguh Santoso and PT KAS Director Franky Sucipto leading the event.

The new ship would be named KRI Bung Karno once it is commissioned with the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL), and would replace an older ship, the KRI Barakuda which is already more than 30 years old and was deemed obsolete.

Rear Admiral Puguh Santoso highlighted the local shipbuilding industry’s importance in Indonesia’s self-reliance program and progress, while also reminded the shipbuilder to keep the quality high to ensure a successful project.

The ship will be mainly used in service of the President of the Republic of Indonesia as the official sea transport ship, and can be used to host other VIPs during official functions. The ship can also be used during emergencies as a mobile command post at sea.

Aside from VVIP-related duties, the KRI Bung Karno will also be used by the TNI-AL for other purposes including maritime patrol and logistics support.

The KRI Bung Karno is 73 meters long, and will be powered by two 4,000KW diesel engines allowing a cruising speed of 16 knots and a maximum speed of 24 knots.

It will also be armed with a 40mm main gun, and 20mm secondary guns for self-defense.

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