Taiwan commissions first 10,000-ton Yushan-class landing platform dock


The ROCN Yushun (LPD-1401). Photo c/o Chris Cavas / Cavasships@Twitter.

The Republic of China Navy (ROCN) has commissioned into service its first 10,000-ton indigenously designed and built Yushan-class landing platform dock (LPD).

The vessel, which was named ROCN Yushan (LPD-1401), was officially brought into service during ceremonies on 19 June 2023 at Kaohsiung. 

The ship was named after Mount Yushan, which is the highest mountain in Taiwan, and symbolizes the ROCN's efforts in pursuing excellence and being at the frontline of the country's defense, according to the ROCN's Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Tang Hua.

The new ship will be used for amphibious combat operations and support of its offshore islets, as well as for logistics support and transport including performing disaster relief and international humanitarian rescue missions in response to natural disasters.

The ship was built as part of a contract worth NT$4.635 billion (US$163 million), and was launched in 2021. It was handed over to the ROCN by its shipbuilder China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSBC) to the ROCN on September 2022.

It has a length of 153 meters, and a maximum beam of 23 meters, displaces at 10,600 tonnes and has a maximum range of 7,000 nautical miles. It can reach a maximum speed of 22.1 knots.

It is fitted with a Oto Melara Mk. 75 76mm naval gun in the forward position, two Mk 15 Phalanx close-in weapon systems, and two missile launchers that can fire a total of 32 TC-2N Tien Chien II surface-to-air missiles. It can also be fitted with missile launchers for up to 16 Hsiung Feng II anti-ship cruise missiles.

Aside from space to carry tanks and amphibious assault vehicles, the ship is also equipped with medical facilities including a negative-pressure isolation ward, which will allow the ship to be used for medical and humanitarian purposes.

Taiwan plans to construct a total of 4 ships of the class.

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