Japan to arm F-35s with Joint Strike Missile

CGI of F-35 Lightning II JSF firing the Joint Strike Missiles. Photo c/o Kongsberg.

The Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) signed a contract with Norwegian defense company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace to supply and deliver an initial quantity of their Joint Strike Missile (JSM). These would arm the JASDF's future fleet of F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters.

Kongsberg announced this update on their website on 11 March 2019. No further details were provided on contract details, quantity, delivery schedule and inclusions.

The Joint Strike Missile is a 5th ait-to-land and air-to-sea target missile, and is currently the only one that of its kind that fits inside the F-35's internal munitions compartment. This allows the JSM to be carried without reducing the stealth features of the F-35.

It was developed starting in 2008, and was completed in 2018. the JSM has a maximum range of up to 500 kilometers. It has an advanced missile planning system, a highly accurate navigation system that allows for a low altitude flight profile, and a automatic target recognition using an advanced imaging infrared seeker.

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