Philippines looking to acquire anti-drone directional jammers

An example of an anti-drone directional jammer. Photo c/o Technology Review page.

The Philippines’ Department of National Defense (DND) is in the market for 9 sets of Shoulder-Fired Directional Jammers, with a budget of PHP33.75 million (US$0.65 million). These jammers would be used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) against drones.

The acquisition was confirmed to be via a public bidding and is actually a re-bid after previous attempts by the DND to obtain a supplier since October 2018 failed.

Each set is to have two firing units and motorcycles to transport a pair of operators.

Based on our interview with Filipino defense page MaxDefense Philippines, this acquisition was due in part of the lessons learned by the AFP during the Battle of Marawi against the Maute terrorist group in 2017.

During the conflict, the AFP encountered drones used by the ISIS-inspired Maute terrorist group, which were used to view the battle area to their advantage. These terrorist drones were mostly commercial-spec quadcopters fitted with high resolution cameras, and can be bought off-the-shelf.

The jammers are required to have an effective range of at least 1 kilometer.

The Philippine' Presidential Security Group was previously seen armed with anti-drone directional jammers used to secure the Philippine president and other important leaders during public events.

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