China launches first ever Type 075 amphibious assault ship

Launching of the first Type 075 amphibious assault ship of the PLAN in Shanghai. Photo c/o The Warzone.

China has launched its first 40,000-ton Type 075 amphibious assault ship on 25 September 2019 in ceremonies held in Hudong-Zhonhua yard in Shanghai.

The ship, classified as a helicopter landing dock, will enable the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) to increase its capability and improve its ability to conduct amphibious and air assault operations from sea, especially on island assault operations.

It will carry more troops, transport and attack helicopters, and amphibious assault vehicles and landing crafts than its currently largest amphibious assault ship the Type 071. It is similar in purpose and feature to the US Navy’s Wasp-class assault ships, and is significantly larger than similar ships operated by other regional powers like Russia, Japan, Australia and South Korea.

The ship will still need to undergo fitting of combat systems, as well as many other systems and finishing inside the ship. This would take several more months before it can start any sea trials. It was noted by defense analysts that the ship was constructed at high speed, highlighting the ability of Chinese shipyards to produce large warships in such short time

The PLAN is expected to receive three such ships, with another one already started construction. 

The introduction of such ships means China is expected to increase its naval infantry and assault forces, which is a concern for several of China’s neighbors due to its recent actions and territorial disputes.

The Type 075 has a flight deck and helicopter hangar deck that could carry up to 30 helicopters of various models and sizes, and more than 1,000 marines and their equipment. It will also have its own landing craft air cushioned to allow movement of troops and equipment from ship to shore.

Weapon systems may include the H/PJ-11 30mm close-in weapon system (CIWS), and FL-3000N point defense surface-to-air missiles.

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  1. China is also working on a Stealth VSTOL Attack Jet similar to the F 35B. If they succeed, these jets will allow the new amphibious ships to double as small aircraft carriers.