Landing platform dock for Myanmar launched

The UMS Moattama as seen in Busan on August 2019. Photo c/o Less Credible Defense.

South Korean shipbuilder Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering has launched the landing platform dock (LPD) it is building for the Myanmar Navy (MN) in their shipyard in Busan, South Korea.

The event was low key  and may have been made as early as July 2019 based on the ship’s appearance and readiness as it appears on photos taken a month later.

The ship, said to be named UMS Moattama with hull number 1501, is expected to be delivered to the MN in a few months and could enter service before year end.

The UMS Moattama was based on the Makassar-class design used by Dae Sun for the LPDs ordered by Indonesia and Peru. It is expected to be at least 125 meters long, and a beam of 22 meters. It is also expected to be able to accommodate at least two Mi-17 medium helicopters in its flight deck.

Myanmar joins other navies in the ASEAN region that operate LPD-type ships including Indonesia and the Philippines which operate ships based on the Makassar-class, and Singapore and Thailand which both operate ships based on the Endurance-class design.

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